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The Label greypig

Tough Pigeon Records is an Independent Record Label based in Plymouth (United Kingdom), that first took flight from its loft in June 2012. Whilst originally esoteric electronica was our speciality, we have helped develop and nurture a variety of acts in our coops, and have released a complimentary flock of other styles to help strengthen the tough uncompromising nature of our stock.

We believe in musical diversity, and that means if we think a singer songwriter has that special something, or a psychadelic/punk/techno crossover act are doing something interesting, then we will include them. It's not just new music from 2015 or strictly one genre of music, we support, we cherish both the experimental and the real.


Off the Perch greypig

We believe all of our artists are unique and give them 100% creative control to spread their wings. Dubstep, Roots, Drum and Bass, UK Hip Hop, Americana, Detroit Style Techno, Gabba, Amigacore, Folk Music. We believe in what our artists are doing. Fancy or Utilitarian, Tumblers and Carriers, like pigeons they come in all shapes and sizes, Messengers or Display Hens,we think it is selfish of us to keep them all cooped up so we aim to release regularly and hope they reach all four corners of the globe.


Flying the Coop flypig

The label is home to a loft full of interesting and creative independent artists music and you can download songs, share and embed much of their work for FREE by clicking on the bandcamp button at the bottom of each acts page or checking out the releases tab. There is also a YouTube button for those artists with youtube music videos to share and don't forget you can follow us on our own Official YouTube Channel, facebook Page and twitter feed by clicking on the links above. For all the best independent music, check us out.


Just Released flypig

New for 2015, In an exclusive collaboration with Greenbeanz Photography we are proud to present the 10 year anniversary re-release of Jimmy Buddha Om's 2005 Album 'RAW'.

Kicking off with the traditional English Folk Song "The Cuckoo" Greenbeanz Photography has produced a series of short films to accompany the tracks shot on Dartmoor, the national park that inspired much of the original songs on the album. Check out the second of Greenbeanz Photography's exclusive YouTube Music Videos the American Folk song, "John Hardy" here!